Bald Butte Lookout



Administrative agency:  Ochoco NF, although used by the Burns Interagency Zone
Staffing status:  used for emergency detection
Elevation:  5920ft
Structure:  1959 41ft wooden tower with R-6 flat cab
Access:  access is pretty easy, coming from Burns the road is paved almost all of the way, it is a little sketchy as to which roads to take from the Burns area, but not too hard to find, once in the forest the forest roads are signed, not too many spur roads are present also easing the search, the lookout road is signed with the road number, the lookout is less then 1 mile from the paved main road with no gates present
Road conditions:  the paved road is in good condition with two lanes, the road to the lookout is composed mainly of dirt and natural rock, it is a little rough, however it is short and should be usable for most vehicles, be sure to drive slowly as the road is narrow and turns sharply so encountering another vehicle would be best done when moving slowly
Interior:  the interior is almost empty containing remnants of objects used when it was staffed, but now it is only setup for occasional use only, some of the propane lights and propane piping is still present as well as the pipe that supplied the propane from the tank is still attached to the tower
Other structures on summit:  none
Electric power source:  none
  although only used for emergencies the lookout is still cared for, it does see some vandalism but is repaired when this takes place, the lookout sits close to the edge of the forest however, due to the fire agencies joining together it is more useful then if it was just used for detection of fires on the forest, the view to the north is somewhat limited, however the view in the other directions is expansive, it is somewhat easy to see where the forest ends and the largely BLM-owned rangeland begins, the active Dry Mountain Lookout is 10 miles away and easily visible
Visited:  Dominic Luebbers September 2002


the lookout from the road as you round the corner to the parking area



the view to the west towards Dry Mountain Lookout

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