Acker Rock Lookout



Acker sits on the top of the mountain with drop-offs on all sides, this photo was taken while climbing out on a rock outcropping


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Administrative agency:  Umpqua National Forest
Staffing status:
  previously rented from June to September, it was probably the most popular Oregon lookout in the rental program, and was still used for emergencies, in 2002 it was staffed somewhat as a contract thanks to additional funding, however due to the intense fire activity in the area it was evacuated, and the lookout came close to being a victim of the fire, it looks like it will again return to the rental program and will not be staffed in 2003, which is unfortunate
1964 ground mounted R-6 flat cab
Access:  the road to the trailhead is pretty well signed, a gate is present approx. 1-1.5 miles from the trailhead, the trail then climbs approx. 0.4 miles to the lookout, the gate is likely only opened by the renters when rented or when the lookout is staffed, and will likely be closed all other times, a sign is present at the trailhead indicating that access to the lookout is only through rental permit, but that likely depends on who is renting it
Road conditions:
  the road is paved for a good distance, then changes to single lane gravel, access should be possible with most vehicles
  the cab is furnished with lights, a stove, and a refrigerator powered by propane, a woodstove is present for heating, a bed and table are also present
Other structures on summit:
  besides an "outhouse" with no walls, the summit is only occupied by the lookout, two somewhat portable propane tanks are present slightly below the lookout, a solar powered radio repeater building and tower is installed at the end of the road
Electric energy source:
  none was present during my visit although something was likely used to power the radio when it was staffed
  previously a very popular rental, a visit to the location easily tells why, the lookout sits on the top of a rock with drop-offs on all sides, two of them being very dramatic, in addition to that it is somewhat remote taking in a nice view of the forest
Dominic Luebbers May 2001




the lookout from the propane tanks


looking down into the green valley that may now be black after the 2002 fires


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